Web Presence Management



Your business needs a website. There's not much you can do to get around that. It doesn't need to be big but it does need to exist. A business should be easy to find in person and on-line.


Here's how it works:


I will come to your café or restaurant so you can give me a copy of your menu and opening hours and any other information that should be on-line. I will also take photos if needed.*

This will be a good chance to get to know me and how I work. I will also be happy to answer any questions you might have about the website or on-line services.


Within two weeks a website will be up and running. The website will also gradually be connected to other on-line services.

Specific requests can be discussed as well. If you already have some on-line accounts that you would like to associate with your new website then I can do that too.

The website will of course be:

  • designed to work on any screen
  • be easy to understand
  • linked to all other on-line services


As long as payments are continued I will continue to manage all content on the website as well any social services and on-line directories.**

This could be any request to do with your on-line presence as a business such as; changing the menu or pricing, specials, colour changing, new photography and adding pages to your site.

To keep things simple I will send you a link each month for payment. They amount is set and is payable by 


Request More Information or Arrange a Meeting

Name *

*If you would prefer to, you can simply email me all the information I need and I can take care of the rest. We can easily communicate by phone or email.

**There is no need to sign any contracts or be locked into any contracts. The use of my services also pays for a package of everything you will need to continue the work without me. So if you move businesses or you hire someone else you will be able to give them my package so that they can continue my work. All you have to do is stop the payments.