Joshua spends some of his time travelling the world and currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

He tries to keep busy learning German as his third language while working in Photography and web-design.


- Photography -


- Career -

Joshua is proficient in the use of


Windows (XP, VISTA, Windows 7 and Windows 8, 8.1 and 8.1 Update, not to mention the soon-to-be-released Windows 9...I mean 10, Windows 10)

Linux (Ubuntu 11.10 & 12.04)

Android 1.5 to 5.0 (KitKat)

MAC OS and iOS.

Highly productive in the use of Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word,Excel and PowerPoint (all versions). Also very capable in the use of Libreoffice and Googe Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Highly Proficient in Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010 (MOSS 2007, MOSS 2010) Enterprise Edition

Experienced in and webdesign, including mobile views and BuddPress

Joshua was Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006. [SOURCE


Vivente Bikes

August 2013 - Present

Joshua performed digital photography for images of products to be sold on a website. This included digital photo editing and touch-ups using various forms of software.

He assisted in the mechanical repairs of various bicycles and used problem solving to remedy various issues for bicycle manufacturer faults.

Helped with inventory management and office layouts. 

Joshua currently works on overhauling the Vivente Bikes website into an all new, modern and mobile-ready design.

SAI Global

October 2010 - August 2013

Business Portal Administrator/Registration Clerk/Settlement Clerk/Client Services Representative

Joshua began working at SAI as a Client Services Representative and was verbal about the lack of a company Wiki. Eventually he was seconded into the Projects team with the task of creating an all encompassing intranet portal which was easy to use, informative and included a wiki.  Joshua used SharePoint Server 2007 and upgraded to 2010 later on.

It would be used by over 400 people around the country every day for tasks such as document management, information searching and program downloads.

Once the portal was created and mostly automated I began working as a Settlement and Registrations Clerk as well as the designer for the company Magazine, The Opserver.

Unwired Australia

October 2007 – December 2009

Universal Support and Sales Customer Service Representative

One year in Sales Dept then one year in Technical Support Department.

Joshua was responsible for customer service in the “internet start up division”, duties included answering customer queries, problem solving and providing detailed information on new products. 

He collaborated with the Market Research department in finding customer trends, seeked feedback on sales techniques, follow-up methods and quality of after sales service

He generated repeat business through successful client follow-up.

He was an acting Senior Support agent. 

Solved technical issues through logical reasoning using the tools provided 

Created reports using raw data from the company servers to present to the CEO

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